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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Country Connection On Etsy

A variety of handmade crafts including plastic canvas, knitting, photography, soap and more.

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I own Treasure Seekers a family owned and operated multi-vendor market. I have a booth within that I sell primitive and country items in. I also own Treasure Seekers Estate Sale Professionals. I make plasctic canvas items, soap and knitted items. I also play with photography. My daughter, Brooke, wants to be a professional photographer. I will also be selling her photography.

Join my frequent buyers club!!! Buy from me 10 times and you will receive a promo code for a special discount on your 11th purchase!

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Small Business Marketing

Marketing is one of the most essential ingredients of starting and running any successful business. Unfortunately for small business owners, it’s also one of the hardest to get right.
Most marketing costs too much and simply isn’t right for small business. Really, what good will a $15,000 TV campaign do for a local consultant (aside from make him go broke). On top of the cost, the time and complexity involved with traditional marketing can easily smother a small business.
Small businesses need marketing that is simple and practical—marketing that’s understandable and easy to use. The purpose of this series is just that: to help you start marketing your small business in a way that actually works.

Position and Plan

The first step is to know exactly who your product benefits and how you can communicate those benefits in a way they understand. Then, by looking at your competitors, you can create a unique position that will ensure a strong foundation for your success.
1. Get to Know Your Perfect Customer
2. Attract Customers With a Unique Market Position
3. Learn to Relate to Your Market

Create an Identity

Every successful small business needs a clean, professional image that customers can trust. These articles are about creating unforgettable corporate identity that will make you naturally attractive to potential customers.
4. Create an Attractive and Memorable Corporate Identity
5. Be Credible, Professional, and Trustworthy
6. Make Yourself Easy to Buy From

Spread The Word

The final step of marketing a small business is to find a method of advertising that will get your message to your core customer, and deliver an offer that entices them into action.
7. Advertising That Works for Small Business
8. Compel Potential Customers to Action
9. Measure, Learn, and Improve

Marketing a small business isn’t easy—but if you stick to what’s important, and avoid unneeded complexity, you’ll have quite a head start.
If you want to learn more about marketing a small business, keep reading through our marketing blog and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any free tips or ideas.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

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